To make the best use of your Agency MVP account, it’s important to understand and verify everything on your Account Information page. 

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Access the Account Information Page

To view your account information page, click on your name in the upper-right corner of your MVP account, then  choose “Account Information.”



Internet Lead Integrations

The information displayed here will be used to set up lead integration. See the guide for Setting Up Lead Integration.
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Verify Organization Settings

The information displayed here in your Organization Settings will be used throughout the system so it’s important to verify that everything is accurate. For example, the name of your agency will be visible to potential clients when you send them quote comparisons so make sure that it reads the way you want. 

You’ll also want to verify your contact information (phone number and address). Setting the time zone in your Organization Settings will impact when MVP refreshes for each day as well as the timing of your workflows to maintain TCPA compliant.

If any of this information is incorrect, click the blue “Edit” button, make any necessary edits, and click save.


Other Settings

Here you are able to update your Workflow Settings to set your business hours, holidays, and staff permissions for workflows.

You can also completely disable messaging in AMVP and choose to have an opt-out footer in automated emails (note: we already include an opt-out in the email header). Screen_Shot_2022-10-26_at_9.19.31_AM.png

Note: ALLSTATE AGENTS - this is where you will want to disable messaging in your MVP account to remain compliant.

Email Subscription Options

You have three different email subscription options that you can opt out of to suit your needs. If thebox next to an option is checked, you will receive email notifications for that type of alert.

Note: there are no notifications for these alerts directly in MVP, which means you will not be notified of these actions if the alerts are disabled.

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Renewal Alerts

MVP automatically renews and, as long as this box is checked,  you will receive an email alert before renewal. As a best practice, we recommend that you leave this alert enabled.

Activation Alerts

When your staff sets up their password and completes their account activation, you will get an email letting you know it’s complete.

Performance Report

When this is enabled, you will receive an email with your staff’s call activity for the day. This email is typically triggered at 10:30 pm Central time and will list each staff member and their call activity for the day.

The call activity will include a breakdown of each phase of the sales funnel so you can see just how many households were called in each transition state. If a staff member calls the same household multiple times, it will only be counted once in these columns, which will then be totaled in the next column. 

Next to that is a column that will show the total number of calls logged for the day. If these two numbers aren’t the same, that indicates that they called some households more than once that day. Additionally, the last column will indicate how many texts were sent out by each staff member. 

MVP Lead Settings

(leads purchased from MVP)

Enter any number of email addresses, separated by commas, to receive emails when you receive an MVP lead.

If nothing is entered here, it will default to the account owner. If you want the account owner + other staff to receive a notification email, enter all emails including the account owner's. 
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Assigned Number

This is the “Assigned Number” that will be used as a part of the text messaging feature.

Assigned number.PNG

When you use MVP to send text messages to potential clients, this is the phone number that the text will come from. If a household attempts to call that number after receiving a text message, the call will be redirected to the phone number listed in your Organization Settings at the top of the page.

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Text Message Usage

This chart will show you how much of your monthly text limit you have used in comparison to last month. 


Read our article Texting Terms & Conditions to learn more.

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