It’s important to know if your staff uses Agency MVP correctly. MVP makes it easy to monitor your staff’s activity and there are a couple of ways to do this.


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Daily Performance Report

Your staff’s call activity will be emailed to you in a performance report at the end of each day. This report shows your staff’s call activity for that day only. This report was covered in greater detail in our Account Information training. It is important to make sure that your staff are logging calls in MVP.

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Dashboard Activity

The main place you want to check activity is on the dashboard. Access your dashboard by clicking on the Agency MVP logo in the top left corner.


As a best practice, we recommend that you check this every day for the first month as you implement Agency MVP, just to ensure that your staff is learning to use it correctly. After the first month, we recommend that you continue to check this page weekly to continue to hold staff accountable.

On your dashboard, the first thing you’ll see is the Call Activity box, which shows your individual call activity for the day. This will look different for everyone in the agency.

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Quote Activity

Below your call activity, you’ll see numbers for the entire agency. It will show premiums quoted, premiums sold and total quote count. 

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This is based on the time range listed in the time range box.

The time range defaults to a rolling 7-day period. If you want to look at something else you can click into the box to view one of the precepts or choose a custom range to view.


It will take a second for the numbers to update, but once they do they will reflect the numbers for the selected time range.

The first thing you want to check on this page is that the total quote count matches what you expect for the selected time period. Next, check the left column to be sure that all staff members who should have completed quotes during the chosen time range are listed. If a name is missing, it means that that staff member didn’t enter any quote data for the time period you’re currently viewing.

Click the plus sign to the left of a staff member’s name to expand and see more details about their activity.


There are a couple of things to look for: 

Multiline Quotes. You should see an Auto and Home quote for every household. More lines of business means more premium for the agency.

Multi-line quotes.PNG

Annual Savings. This can be difficult information to get, but you want to emphasize the importance of this information to your staff and urge them to fill it out whenever possible. This information provides valuable data for the GEO Report, which is covered in detail in our Geo Report video.

Annual Savings.PNG

Marketing Source. Every household should have a Marketing Source, no exceptions. These are essential for tracking what brought the household into your agency, which allows you to track your ROI. You can learn more about this in our Marketing Report video.

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Number of Attempts. This is the number of calls logged for each household and is another place to check that your staff is logging calls for each household. 

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Left Notes. This will indicate whether or not your staff is entering important notes. Important Notes are vital. Having notes documenting important information about a household removes the guesswork when someone else needs to pick up where they left off.

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Quotes Sent and Quotes Viewed. These timestamps will indicate when a quote was first sent to the household and the last time the quote was viewed. If you see a lot of times where a quote was sent, but not viewed, this could mean that your staff wasn’t on the phone with that household when they sent the quote comparison. 

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Claims. There may not be something in every box but this column should never be blank. Claims impact the algorithm so it’s vital to fill this out. 


Pipelined until. This indicates that a household will not be actively worked until a certain time. This column doesn’t need to have every box filled in, but you should see some households with dates here. These dates indicate when the staff member plans on working the household again.

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At the top of this section, you have tools to refine your view. By default, you will see “All” which shows Leads, Prospects, and Cross sells. Or, you can view one at a time.


Sales Activity

After viewing the Quote activity, you can click to view the Sales activity. This lets you see how much premium each of your staff members sold during the chosen time period, including which lines of business. You can expand each staff member to see the tags and number of calls it took to close the sale.

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