Opt-Out for Texting:

It is highly suggested that you always make sure you have received consent to text prior to texting any households. To remain TCPA compliant, MVP will include an opt out message at least once every 30 days. This message is not customizable.

Opt-Out Message: "Text STOP to stop texts from this agency"

Opt-Out Message [FARMERS]: "Text STOP to stop texts from this agency, or STOPALL to stop all texts & calls from Farmers."

Note: "STOPALL" language is required by the Farmers cost share agreement

>Learn more about texting in MVP


Opt-Out for Emails:

MVP includes an "unsubscribe" button in the header of all workflow emails.

In addition, you can add an "unsubscribe" button to the footer of your emails on your "Account Information" page under the "Other Settings" section.


To customize this message, simply update the message in the Custom Email Footer box. You can click Test Email Signature to see an example of what your signature will look like in an email. Screen_Shot_2022-12-08_at_12.50.15_PM.pngNote: If you would like to move the placement of the unsubscribe link, be sure to use the Unsubscribe Link in the tool editor to place the link in your desire location.     


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