MVP is offering exclusive, premium real-time leads at wholesale prices - only for Agency MVP customers.

Here's what you need to know!

  • The leads are exclusive - meaning we only sell them to you (not 5 other agents)
  • These leads are only available to MVP customers
  • These are overflow leads from the largest internet lead providers
    • They have more volume than they can sell
    • We pool together MVP customers and get wholesale rates
    • We pass the savings along to agents
  • The leads are the same quality as the largest lead providers
  • We set up everything for you in MVP and show you how to work them
    • API
    • Workflow
    • Kickoff/Training


  • Current price is $6 for auto, $8 for home
    • This is 50-75% off what you would pay retail
    • This is a promo price 
  • To get started, just need a deposit of $500
    • When your account drops below $50, we re-charge your account $500
      • We send an email heads up at $100
      • You can pause, change, or cancel delivery at any time
  • Can filter by entire state, by specific counties, or by zips.  Can also exclude zips.
    • Can give us a list of zips or do a radius (ex. 100 mi) from a zip or zips.
  • Additional Filters (too many filters may mean not enough inventory. Better to start wide.)
    • Auto Filters Available
      • Default filters: 
        • no tickets, accidents, claims in past 3 years, driver insured past 30 days, no DWI past 5 years, active license
      • Home owner + $2
      • Credit rating (good / excellent) + $2
    • Home Filters Available
      • Default filters - Currently insured, type = single family
        • Exclude current carrier (first one free, additional carriers + $2)

Included Setup:

  • A dedicated LeadMaker implementation specialist will do the following:
    • Set up your leads account - set up your filters, delivery settings 
    • Review customer dashboard - view purchased leads, make returnsScreen Shot 2023-08-30 at 4.20.23 PM.png
    • Set up Agency MVP Integration - so that your leads go directly into the system
    • Create an internet lead workflow - using the Agency MVP template, which can be customized to your needs
    • Host a kickoff / training session - a 15-minute zoom call to show your team exactly how to work the leads
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