Phone Number Registration Requirements

To ensure compliance with Industry standards, TCR (The Campaign Registry) now requires additional details for existing registrations and has implemented new limits on brands and senders. These changes impact all providers registering campaigns and brands through TCR.

All Agency MVP customers who send text messages via the platform are required to have the following information on file with us:

  • EIN (Government Tax ID)
  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Type (ex. LLC, Sole proprietor, etc.)
  • Website URL (can be your Facebook business page, Carrier Website, etc)
  • Business Address

Why are we requiring this?
Twilio, our backbone provider for SMS, needs this information to stay compliant with the FCC.


How to update your info in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to "Account Information" in the top right of your MVP account

2. Scroll down to "Organization Settings" and tap "Edit"


3. Check that it matches the information on your EIN letter exactly
When you registered your Company, you should have received a letter from the government like the one below. Note that the Full Legal Name is all of the information provided before the Legal Address (ex. "ACME LLC THERESA LOPEZ-FITZGERALD SOLE MBR").


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Note for Sole Proprietorship Business Type:

Our texting partner, Twilio, has implemented a new compliance process for sole proprietorships.  This process is designed to register entities without a Tax ID (EIN). If you do have an EIN for your business, please enter that on your Account Information page in MVP and we will automatically trigger the standard registration process.

If you are a sole proprietor without an EIN, in order to continue delivering your text messages without disruption, we need you to validate a separate (personal) mobile number to complete the new registration process.

To enter in your phone number for validation, click the edit button in your Organization Settings, then enter in your MOBILE number.

Twilio will then send you a text message to verify the phone number. You have 24 hours to confirm your number after submitting. 

Watch Sole Prop Video:

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