Texting Terms & Conditions


  • Per the Agency MVP Terms and Conditions, your MVP account allows you to send up to 3,000 text messages per month. 
  • For any messages over that amount, you will be invoiced at $0.012 per message
    • Note: Agency MVP passes through our costs from Twilio and the carriers (we do not make money on these overage charges).
    • You will receive an email when you reach 75% of your limit, 100% of your limit, and at each 100% thereafter.
    • Invoices will be billed automatically at the end of each month.
    • We enforce a maximum limit of 25k messages per month per customer
      • If you reach this amount, your ability to continue texting will be suspended. In order to re-enable your account, please contact support@agencymvp.com
  • You can view your current text count at the bottom of your Account Information pageScreen_Shot_2022-09-23_at_10.33.42_AM.png
  • If you would like to reduce the volume of texts you’re sending or if you’re experiencing a high number of opt-outs, we recommend the following best practices:
    • Reduce the number of texts sent per workflow
      • We recommend tuning your workflows to include only one text message, with any automated follow up done via email or phone. This helps not only for controlling your text volume, but also for deliverability. As a general rule, cell carriers see a pattern of multiple texts sent to one number without reply as a possible indicator of spam, and the rate of STOP responses tends to go up if you send a customer repeated messages without them replying first. 
    • Enable Double-Opt-in
      • If you would like, we can enable "Double Opt-In" functionality on your account. This means, as your first text is sent to a number, the "SMS Consent" for that number is disabled. Whenever that number replies to you (with any non-STOP response), the SMS consent would be automatically re-enabled (essentially, you are proactively getting their consent via their reply, rather than waiting for an explicit opt-out). This is a best practice recommended (but not required) by our service provider (Twilio), which would also likely help control your text volume and ensure any follow up messages you are sending are with members that have already made contact and expressed some intent to purchase.  
    • If you need assistance adjusting your workflows, please contact us via chat or send a message to support@agencymvp.com 
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