How do I prepare my spreadsheet for importing?

Watch the video or scroll down for the written instructions:

CSV File

In order to import, it must be a CSV file

  1. Click file in the top left
  2. Click Save As
  3. In the file Format drop down, select  "Comma Separated Values (.csv)"
  4. Click Save


  1. Headings
    1. The top row of your spreadsheet must include a title of what is in each column similar to this image (order of the columns and titles do NOT need to match this image):
    2. If the top row of your spreadsheet starts with the household’s information, then you’ll need to add a row. Right-click on the first row where it says “1” and then click insert. Now you can type the headings for each column.


Dates need to be formatted as MM/DD/YYY. For example: 02/09/1990

  1. Click on the column letter where dates (DOB, xdates, etc) are listed (this highlights the entire column)
  2. In the middle of the menu near the top, there are some symbols like $ and %, right above that is a drop down box, click the arrow to the right
  3. Click "More Number Formats"
  4. Click Custom on the menu on the left
  5. In the box under where it says "type" you'll want to type in "MM/DD/YYYY"
  6. Click OK

Text Consent

In order to assign a workflow when importing, you must have a column for consent to text. 

  1. First, insert a column (if you have enough columns, skip to step 3) by right clicking on one of the columns at the top where it says "A" "B" etc
  2. Click Insert
  3. In the first row, type "Consent to Text"
  4. In each row after that type "Y" for any household you DO have consent for and leave the box blank if you do NOT have consent

Pro Tip: If you have consent for eery household on the list, then type "Y" in the second row (this is the first household underneath where it says "Consent to Text". Hover over the bottom right of the box until your pointer turns into a black plus sign. Double click and i will pre-fill ALL rows with "Y"

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