What/Where is my call view?

Your call views are the ranked collection of households that can be accessed at the top of your Agency MVP at any time. 

Call views are divided into three categories, each with their own sub-categories.
1) Leads - The gray section at the top left of Agency MVP contains your leads. Click on the funnel to see your leads. Click on the "Hot Leads" button to view only your hot leads. Click on the "New Leads" button to view any new internet leads that haven't been claimed by someone else in your office.

2) Prospects - The light blue section at the top center of Agency MVP. Click on the gear icon OR the "Quoted" button to view your quoted prospects call view. Click on the "Awaiting" button to view households that have requested quotes, but you haven't made contact with them since they requested the quote.

3) Customers - The dark blue section towards the top right of MVP. Click any of the buttons in the customers section to view your cross-sell call views for each policy type. 

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