What do I do if my staff member leaves?

Staff turnover is part of the business. If a staff member leaves you have a few options:

When a staff member leaves, you will first want to de-activate their account. This takes access away from the former employee.

1) Click your name in the top right corner of Agency MVP
2) Select Team Members
3) Select the green Edit button for the staff member you'd like to edit
4) Scroll down to Other Settings and click Deactivate

You will now be given two options:


1. You can set their households to become Free Game. This gives all other staff in your agency access and opportunity to work all households assigned to the former employee by using the Free Game filter found on call view pages. 

        *Learn more about Free Game here.

2. You can choose to reassign ALL households to another Team Member(s). This option will distribute, at random, all households for the former employee amongst the staff chosen from the drop down.



One of the great things about Agency MVP is the ability to replace any staff member quickly so that new staff walk in to an existing book of business without the need to waste time digging through notes and quotes. When you're ready to replace the former employee simply change the name and email associated with the account, activate the account, update the free game settings, and save. Now the new staff member just needs to visit app.agencymvp.com and click the "forgot password" link.

1) Click your name in the top right corner of Agency MVP.
2) Select "Users" from the dropdown menu.
3) Select the green "Edit" button for the user you'd like to edit.
4) Make the profile updates and edits.
5) Save/Update


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