Why isn't my lead showing up on my list?

There are multiple reasons that a household may not be showing up on your call view. Here are the top 5 reasons:

1) Filters - If a household is missing a phone number it will be filtered out from the rest of your call view. Click the Phone: Present/None filter to view any households without a phone number. Similarly, if a household has been Marked as Cold it will be filtered out. Select the "Cold" filter checkbox to view all cold households.

2) You've already worked the household today. Notating that you've already worked a household today (by clicking either answered or unanswered) causes the household to be hidden from the call view for the remainder of the day. Don't worry, if you did nothing else it will show up again tomorrow.

3) You've scheduled a call appointment with the household. Scheduling a call appointment causes a household to be hidden until the date of the schedule call.

4) You've pipelined the household to any future date. "Pipeline Until" means "Hidden Until" so if you pipeline a household to a future date it will be hidden until that future date, at which time it will show back up on your call view.

5) Assigned to someone else. Households are assigned to an individual "owner" within your agency. Households that are not assigned to you will not show up on your call views.

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