How do I check my Quote activity?


Conveniently located on the Dashboard, Quote Activity Tracker provides an in-depth view of your agency’s quote performance. Key Performance Indicators are calculated such as Number of Quotes, Total Premiums Quoted, and Number of Call Attempts on an individual basis. Use the Quote Activity Tracker to coach Staff and monitor Prospects they are communicating with. Ensure they are entering all new quotes into MVP. The Quote Activity Tracker will only list team members who have entered in quotes during the chosen time range.


New QLOB – Total number of new quotes created by the specific staff member per household

Requoted – Total number of requotes completed by the specific staff member per household

Premiums Quoted – This shows the total amount of premiums quoted for each staff member and on a per-quote basis.

Auto, Home, Life, Umbrella, Specialty & Commercial – Shows the breakdown of premiums quoted for each line of business

Annual Savings – Indicates the total amount of annual savings to the Prospect.

Tags – Codes created by your agency to track marketing campaigns and lead generation to help determine ROI.
TIP: Make sure a Tag is added for EVERY single lead and prospect. Avoid using generic tags – create tags that are meaningful for reporting purposes.

# of Attempts – Goes up by 1 every time a user enters a call note and clicks "Answered / Unanswered"

TIP: Did you know 86% of all sales happen after the 6th attempt? Consistently following up increases sales!

Left Notes – Indicates if staff have entered Important Notes for the specific household

Quote Sent – Indicates If and When the prospect was initially sent a quote comparison by text or e-mail.

Quote Viewed – Indicates If and When the prospect viewed the quote that was sent to them.

Claims – Indicates if and what type of claim has been entered for the specific prospect.

Pipelined Until – Indicates If and When the prospect has been pipelined until


Understanding Quote Activity


Premiums Quoted/Sold at a Glance

216,845 – Total Premium Quoted by an Individual
91,928 – Total Auto Premium Quoted by an Individual
102,996 – Total Home Premium Quoted by an Individual

mceclip2.png Highlighted with premium listed shows this LOB was quoted and sold during the chosen time range.

mceclip3.png Highlighted with “S” shows this LOB was quoted outside the chosen time range (or by another staff member) during the chosen time range and has also been sold.

mceclip4.png No highlight with “Q” shows this LOB was quoted outside the chosen time (or by another staff member) and has not been sold.

Competitive vs. Not Competitive
– Indicates $ amount saved.
(-1293) – Indicates your quote premium cost more, not competitive.

TIP: Knowing how much the Prospect is currently paying is a critical data point. Knowing this information will help power your marketing analytics in the future, helping you target Who and Where Farmers is competitive.


Quote & Sales Activity Tracker Benefits

  • Calculates total premiums quoted & sold by LOB
  • Calculates the total number of quotes
  • Instantly shows where you are competitive
  • Breaks down savings by LOB for each quote
  • Gives quick access to prospect & customer details
  • Shows call attempts for each prospect
  • Displays tags used to help determine ROI
  • Helps efficiently manage staff



Using Quote & Sales Activity Tracker

To view activity for a specific day or date range:


Click the time range bar, select a preset tab (or choose a custom date range), and click the Apply button.

To expand the view for the quotes and additional data:

Click the expand icon next to the staff’s names.


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