How do I send the Quote Comparison?

Once you have finished entering all the quote information, you can text or email the quote to your Prospect.

1. Access the Quote Comparison


  • From the Details page for your Prospect, click the Quote Comparison button in the navigation bar or from the Prospects dropdown on the Call View Page.


mceclip1.png IMPORTANT: If you’ve made updates to your quote information and you aren’t seeing the changes reflected on your Quote Comparison, click the green Refresh button in the upper left corner. If you still don’t see your changes, close the Quote Comparison, and click the blue Save Prospect button in the navigation bar. Click the Show Quote Comparison button again to see your changes.

2. Edit Your Outgoing Quote Message

The message area at the top of the Quote Comparison is customizable. This message will appear in your text or email when you send the Quote Comparison.

To customize your message:

  • Click the Edit Message button
  • Update the message as needed
  • Click the Save Message button

*You can also use your edited message as your new default by clicking  "Save as Default Message"


3. Review Your Quote Details

Spend some time reviewing the quote and payment details. If needed, close the Quote Comparison and continue making the changes on the Details screen to update the quote.


4. Text or Email the Quote


  • At the bottom of the Quote Comparison screen, click the dropdown menu, and select the intended recipient of your quote.
  • Click the Send Text or Send Email button to send your quote
  • You will also notice a button that says "Copy to Clipboard". This option allows you to print the Quote Comparison if someone is requesting it sent by mail. You can also choose to save it as a PDF.
    • First, click Copy to Clipboard
    • Second, open up a new tab and "paste & go" what you copied into the URL box of your browser. 
    • Now you can either print the Quote Comparison or save it and send it as a PDF.

IMPORTANT: Before sending the Quote Comparison via text, be sure you are receiving consent to text.

5. Mark the Prospect as Quoted


Once you have discussed the quote with the Prospect, click the Mark as Quoted button on the Details page. The Prospect will now be moved to your Quote Prospects section.

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