What is the difference between an awaiting and a quoted prospect?

Awaiting Prospects vs Quoted Prospects

Awaiting Prospects – Any Prospects that have not yet received their quotes

This simply means that you have not SPOKEN TO the Prospect about their quotes.

Quoted Prospects – Any Prospects that have been verbally quoted or communicated with regarding their quote.

These are Prospects that did not buy on your first conversation. Quotes Not Closed.


The Importance of Competitor Quote Information

Agency MVP learns from every Prospect. It is critical to add competitor quote information when and if there is a current insurance policy in place – Your Quote & Sales Activity Tracker and future performance rely on it! Agency MVP also tracks competitor rates. This data combined with claim fall-off dates and other key information you enter into Agency MVP will create new opportunities in the future to capture business. These new opportunities will appear in your list of ranked Prospects at the optimum to send them a competitive quote.

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