Canopy Connect - How to Use

*You can sign up for Canopy Connect here: and use the code MVP10 to get 10% off

If you have not already, please visit our Canopy Connect Integration Set Up article to connect your MVP account to Canopy Connect.

Your Canopy Connect (CC) link can be used either in a workflow action or in a text template.

*Note: If you have set up your integration with MVP, and a customer completes your Canopy Connect link outside of MVP (for example, if you have the link available on your agency website), that data will come in to MVP as a new household, available in the API Leads section.


For ideas on what your text/emails should say when using your Canopy Connect link, log into your CC account and take a look at the Contact Templates page.


Using your CC link in a Workflow:

Click your name at the top right in MVP and go to your Workflows page

Choose which workflow you would like to add the link to and click edit for that specific workflow

Choose which action you want to insert the link into

Use the Variable Field Canopy Connect Link to insert the link into the desired place in your workflow action



Using your CC link in a Text Template:

Click your name at the top right in MVP and go to Text Templates

Choose Create Text Template or edit an existing one

Insert the Canopy Connect Link variable field in the desired place in your text template



Once the household completes the required steps for Canopy Connect, you will see their data on the details page in Agency MVP.

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