Texting Integration with Twilio

What is Twilio?

Twilio serves as a cloud-based communications platform enabling users to initiate and receive phone calls, text messages, and execute various other communication tasks.

How do I set up a Twilio account?

Step 1: Go to Twilio's website to create an account and integrate it with Agency MVP.

Step 2: Once you set up a Twilio account and get the Account SID/Auth Token, you'll then need to register your Brand and a Campaign. The campaign is linked to a "Messaging Service" and whatever phone number you purchase needs to then be linked to that messaging service.

Twilio's instructions for that process are available here.

*Sole Proprietor registration directions can be found here

How do I integrate my Twilio account with Agency MVP?

1. Click your name at the top right in MVP and go to your Account Information page.
2. In another tab, go to your Twilio account console page and go to the Account Information section.
3. In your Twilio account, copy the Account SID and paste it in the Account SID section on your Agency MVP Account Information page.
4. Go back to Twilio and now copy the Auth Token and paste it in the Auth Token section on your Agency MVP Account Information page in the Texting Settings section.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 11.10.32 AM.png
5. Click Verify Settings.



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