TurboRater Integration


TurboRater Integration

This integration is a two-way integration from Agency MVP to TurboRater, and from TurboRater to Agency MVP. You will start your quotes in Agency MVP first, then by the click of a button, you can transfer all your data to TurboRater to rate your quotes, and then the quote data will automatically return to Agency MVP. This integration will decrease your quote time by an average of 5-7 minutes per quote!


Click here to view the video guide.


Set Up

  • In your Agency MVP account, click your name on the top right.
  • Choose My Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter in your unique TurboRater integration key into the respective field. Click update.

    *Please reach out to TurboRater directly to obtain your agency’s unique integration key.


    *This will need to be done for each staff member that will use this integration.


*The Location ID is only necessary if the User is a part of a cluster’s TurboRater account.

Getting Started

1. From the quote sheet of a household, click “Add Quote+” for Your Quote

2. Click “Save Lead” or “Save Prospect”

3. You will see a “Send to TurboRater” button appear, click that.



Processing should take just a few seconds, no more than 30, and the button will say "Processing."
4. When done processing, click Show Turborater URL and then click on the URL shown to take you to TurboRater.


5. Fill in required information & follow normal steps in TurboRater.

6. Once you have finished rating the quote in TurboRater, you will need to BRIDGE the quotes you would like MVP to pull back in.

7. Click on the carrier. This will take you to the log in page for the carrier, but you can come back to TurboRater now. Screen

8. Select a Policy Status (can just choose Reason not listed for now) Screen

9. Now, back in MVP use the Pull From TurboRater button to retrieve the quotes from TurboRater. A quote will be created under Your Quotes for each carrier for which you bridged and rated in their system.

*You may want to click "Hide quote from comparison" if there are any quotes you do not wish to present to the Prospect.



Expected Results


Quote Data Returned

Carrier Name 

Full term premium

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