Automatic Call Logging (RingCentral)

If you are using RingCentral, MVP will be able to automatically log outgoing and incoming phone calls for households in your MVP account. 

Setting Up Integration

You'll first need to link your RC account to your MVP account. 

Go to your My Account Settings in MVP, and there will be a section called "RingCentral Settings" with a button to link your account. 

Click it and it will take you to RC to log in and confirm you authorize MVP to access the account. 


To the right of the Connect Your Account button in MVP, you will see the option to use your default next action in MVP for calls logged with RC. 

Note: The only next actions that we are able to use when automatically logging phone calls are "Call Tomorrow" or "Call Back Today".


Click here to learn more on setting your defaults.


Using the RingCentral Integration

Once you’ve authorized MVP to access your RC account, whenever you make an outbound phone call or receive an inbound phone call in RC for a household that is in your MVP account, your phone call will be logged automatically. 


You will see a pop up at the bottom right of your MVP screen that says you completed a call. This will include a link to go to that household's details page should you need to make any updates for the household. 


Disconnecting Your RingCentral Integration

Go to your MyAccount Settings in MVP, and there will be a section called "RingCentral Settings"

Click the button to disconnect your RingCentral account

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