Task Sequences

Task sequences are collection of tasks that need to be completed for a household. 

Ex: Once you mark a household as sold, you can assign an "Onboarding" task sequence. This may consist of tasks that remind you to send over cancellation documents for their current carrier policy, email them their temporary ID cards, etc. 


*In your MVP account, you will see an already created Task Sequence titled "CSR Sale Follow Up.


Click your name at the top right and go to Task Sequences


Click + Create Task Sequence to begin your new series of tasks, then name this sequence.


To add the first task in the sequence, click Add Task +


Next, you will add the details for this task. Note, the due date for each task is based off of the time the task sequence was assigned.


Once you have added all the tasks to your sequence, click Create Task Sequence and you will now see your sequence on your Task Sequences page






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