Stalled Quotes

Stalled Quotes is an easy way for you to see all households that were quoted but have not been acted upon, which might require follow up (either because the policies were sold, but need to be marked in MVP as sold - or they need to be pipelined/workflowed/etc).

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The agency owner can set up a Stalled Quoted number from their Account Information page under the Stalled Quote Settings. This number indicates how many days you want to pass before you want action to be taken on a policy that has been quoted.

Ex: If you put "10" in this box, your staff has 10 days to either pipeline, assign a workflow, mark as sold, or make any update to the quote. If there is an unsold quote, not pipelined, no active workflow, and the household quote hasn't been updated in > {threshold} days, the household will appear in the Stalled Quotes page. 

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You can access your Stalled Quotes page from the SideNav.

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Here you will find a list of quoted policies that need action taken.
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If you click on the household name, it will take you directly to their details page to make any desired updates.

You can also click the 3 dots to view a few options you can choose from to take action on the quoted household. You can either pipeline this household to a later date, assign a workflow to them, or mark the policy as sold.
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You can also click the blue pencil to select multiple households to pipeline or mass assign a workflow to.
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