Call View Page Filters

Logging phone calls is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several filters you can use to apply to your call view pages to target people. 

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Personal and Commercial

 You’ll see this filter at the top left.


A household can be considered both - personal and commercial. Or, they can be one or the other. If you click on the “commercial” button, you’ll likely see a few more households that weren’t under personal.


Free Game

Free Game is a tool used to help prevent leads from falling through the cracks and to scale your agency.

Each Member can have a different number of days set before households associated to that Member will be considered Free Game. Once a household becomes Free Game, all other Members in the agency will now be able to take over any households falling through the cracks. 

You can find these households by choosing the Free Game filter.

If you want to see just your Free Game (households assigned to YOU that are falling through the cracks) you can click the My Free Game filter.

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Learn More about Free Game in this article >>> Free Game

Has Phone Number


Since this is your call view page, you will come here to call people. Therefore, it defaults to having the phone number box checked, and it hides anyone that doesn’t have a phone number. This way, you aren’t distracted when you’re in a rhythm of calling. 

When you remove the checkmark, you may see additional households that need to be contacted that do not contain a phone number. Since there is not a phone number, you will need to find another way to reach them.


No Call Attempts

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You can check the "No Call Attempts" box to view any households that have not had calls logged for them.



For context, a household is always going to be considered one of the three. If you uncheck all of these boxes, you won’t see anyone there. A Household will always be “regular” unless you specifically tell MVP they are hot or cold.

There are two ways to mark someone hot or cold. The first way to do so is directly from the quote sheet.

  1. Click into a quote sheet.
  2. In the Quote Main Contact Box, check hot or cold. 
    1. Please note: you cannot go from hot to cold. You will have to uncheck the box first, and then you can check the other, and vice versa. If they are already cold, you’ll have to uncheck the box to mark them as hot.
  3. Click save before leaving the page.


The second way to mark something as hot or cold is directly from the call view page.

  1. Click the arrow to the left of their name. 
  2. Right below their names, you can mark them hot or cold. 
    1. With this method, the same rule applies as before, where you can’t go from hot to cold.

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 11.32.19 AM.png

Now let’s discuss why you would want to do this. 

 What happens when you mark someone hot:

  • It gives the household bonus points in MVP’s algorithm. 
  • It boosts the household up the list a little.
    • Please note that it doesn’t necessarily move them to the top, however.  
  • It gives them a little flame to help them stand out.

 When to mark someone hot:

  • You know something about that household that you can’t put into data form for MVP to understand. 
    • MVP ranks households on many different factors, but there may be times you learn something about them that makes you think they are moving closer to the sale. Maybe they said they hate their current carrier or that they really like you, for example.
  • Brand new Internet Leads

When you come to your call view pages, it defaults to having hot and regular checked, so you will always see those first. 

 Cold households are considered anyone moving away from the sale. When to mark someone cold:

  • When they tell you never to call them again
  • They are rude, and you don’t want to write their business. 
  • They aren’t eligible. 

 When marking someone cold, we recommend to pipeline them out and add a note as to why they are cold. That way, when you see them again or search for them someday, you have a reminder about why they were marked cold.

 The cold filter should be used as a backup. Say you finished all your hot and regular households; you can then uncheck those two categories and check cold. 

 We do not recommend marking someone as cold when a household renewed with their current carrier or went with someone else. In those situations, we recommend just pipelining them out to another time to work them and possibly applying an x-date workflow depending on the situation. If you mark them cold now, they will still be cold when they return to the list.


Best Time Filter

Another filter on your call view pages is the “best” time filter. 

 This filter will help you target households when they are more likely to answer the phone.


To use this information, you have to include it on each household’s quote sheet. 

  1. Go into one of your household’s quote sheets. 
  2. In the main contact box, you’ll see the best time to contact drop-down. You’ll want to fill this in with whatever the best time is to reach them and select it from the drop-down. Make sure to save it.

We recommend that when you ask that question, you list the three options. People are more likely to pick one when presented with specific choices. You can say something like, “Is morning, afternoon, or evening the best time to reach you?” And then if they say “anytime” after being given options, then great, choose that option. 

To use this filter, select one of the options by clicking on the button. 

When you select a button, you will now only see households that fit that criterion, hiding the other households from view. The households that you see are still ranked, so you should still start at the top.

We can also choose multiple options at once. You can see which ones you’re currently viewing because the buttons will turn blue. Then, as the day progresses, you can de-select one option and select a different option without having to de-select all of them.


Filter By Workflow 

The filter allows you to view households that are assigned to any specific workflows. 

Just click the drop down, choose the workflow you want to view specific households assigned to it. 

If you wish to remove the filter, click the small “x” to the left of the workflow you chose to filter by. 


Custom Filter

You can select from the options listed in the drop down. Note: we will continue to add options so you'll have more options in the future.


  • Marketing Source
    • A drop box will appear on the right where you can select which Marketing Source you will like to filter by.
  • Email address
    • You can either check the box to view everyone that DOES have an email address or uncheck the box to view everyone that does NOT have an email address
  • Current Carrier
    • A drop box will appear to the right where you can select a carrier from the list (only carriers of households currently on the list will appear)
  • Renewal Date
    • A drop box will appear on the right where you can select which month you want to view renewals for
  • State
    • A drop box will appear on the right where you can select which state you like to view households for
      Note: This filter can also be found on the API Leads call view page
  • Zip Code
    • A box will appear for you to search for a zip code by typing it in
  • Date of Birth
    • Two boxes will appear so you can search a date range
  • Your Policy Renewal (Customers Call View ONLY)
    • A drop box will appear on the right where you can select which month you want to view YOUR renewals for

Note: These filters can be used in conjunction with any of the other filters on this page. You can also use multiple custom filters so if you want to view renewal date and current carrier for example, you can.

My API Leads Filter


The account owner in Agency MVP has the ability to filter by team member on the My API Leads call view page to see what API leads their staff are working on. 

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