Click to Call Google Extensions

What is this?

These are used to customize your Chrome browsing experience. Many different software programs have created their own extensions, one of those being VoIP providers.

Why should I use this?

VoIP providers sometimes create Click to Call Google Extensions… And they do just that! A Click to Call extension will allow you to call a phone number from a website in Chrome by the click of a button. *Not all VoIP providers have a Click to Call Chrome Extension.
 How do I know if I can use this?

To see if your VoIP provider has this extension available, simply go to and search “[VoIP provider name] click to call google extension”. If you see one listed in your search, click the link to go to the Chrome Extension Store and then download your extension.

How does it work?

Not all Click to Call extensions work the same. You should see a tutorial on the page you downloaded the extension from.

What if I can’t get it to work?

You are welcome to chat in to our Support team for some quick troubleshooting, however, it is recommended that you contact your VoIP provider as they are the ones who have created this extension and have control over it.

Click your VoIP provider name to be taken directly to the Chrome Extension to download and begin using:









Ooma Office





Note: This is a Google Chrome Extension and is not an integration. Agency MVP does not have any control of these extensions. If you run into problems with downloading them or using them, please reach out to your VoIP provider for support.

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