Free Game is a tool used to help prevent leads from falling through the cracks and to scale your agency.

Each Member can have a different number of days set before households associated to that Member will be considered Free Game. Once a household becomes Free Game, all other Members in the agency will now be able to take over any households falling through the cracks.

To set up Free Game:

  • Click your name on the top right
  • From the dropdown menu, choose My Account Settings
  • Enter the number of your choice in the Free Game box then click Update at the bottom.


On a call view page like leads, awaiting, quoted, or any of the cross-sells you can check the box next to Free Game. Now, you'll be able to see all the households across the entire agency falling through the cracks for that specific transition state.

*If a staff member logs a phone call or adds important notes to a household that is in Free Game, ownership will change to that staff member who updated the household.


Example: Member A has their Free Game set at 5 days. Prospect John Doe lives on Member A’s Awaiting Prospects Call View Page. Prospect John Doe has not had a phone call logged for 5 days in a row. Member B used the Free Game filter on their Awaiting Prospects Call View Page and sees John Doe listed. Member B logs a phone call for John Doe and ownership automatically changes to Member B.


Watch Free Game video

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