Adding In A Lead

Not only is it important to add leads into Agency MVP is important, but it is also important to include the crucial information that impacts MVP’s smart algorithm. In this guide, we’ll walk through how to add a lead and what information is needed to rank these households so you can make the most of your call time.

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Search Existing Leads First

To avoid duplication, we recommend that you search through existing leads before adding a new lead to the system. You can search by name, address, or phone number by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right. 

If you see “No Records Found” above the “Add New Lead” button, the lead does not already exist in the system and you will need to create it.


Pro Tip: To avoid typing the address or name information again, copy the text before clicking the “Add New Lead” button. 


Lead Info 

At the top of your digital quote sheet, you’ll see a blue banner with a few drop boxes.

The owner will default to you, but can be changed if needed. In MVP, leads only have a single owner to indicate who is working that lead. 


The Source is used to allow MVP to understand how this Lead came into your office. This does impact the algorithm, so it is highly recommended to fill in. Choose the option closest to the situation. There is another spot to select the exact marketing campaign that brought the lead into your agency (see the section titled "Marketing Source" below).

Pipeline Until

The Pipeline Until box indicates the next time you want to work that lead. To learn more about this, see  the article Logging Phone Calls.

lead info.PNG

General Lead Info

Next, enter the mailing address for the lead. If you copied the address earlier, you can simply paste it into this field. Wait for MVP to populate a list of addresses, then choose from the drop-down list so MVP will prefill the city and postal code.

mailing address.PNG

Continue to enter information for the Main Contact, which should be the household member who you will be speaking with regarding your quotes. Important information that impacts the ranking includes date of birth and gender. You'll also want to include contact information such as phone and email so MVP can send out automated texts and emails when you assign a workflow. 


Pro tip: Use the Discover Drivers button to see if MVP can find any drivers linked to that address to save you data entry time. Select the Main Contact dial in the Household Members box to move any discovered drivers to the Quote Main Contact box.



Create & Save Leads

When you’re done entering household member information, click the “Create Lead” button located in the upper-right corner of the quote sheet.

Create Lead.PNG

Once a lead has been created, the “Create Lead” button will be replaced with a “Save Lead” button that can be used to save additional changes that you make moving forward.

Save lead.PNG


Important Notes

Use this box to fill in anything that will be important for you to remember as you build rapport with the household. These notes can include relationship building notes and questions to ask on the next call.

important notes.PNG


Marketing Source

The Marketing Source identifies the specific marketing campaign that brought this lead into your agency for ROI tracking purposes. This is different from the source listed above and is not included in the ranking but is included in the Marketing Report.

To create a Marketing Source,

  • Type in the label you'd like to use such as "Referral" or "Cole XDates" and click enter.
  • Or you may choose an existing Marketing Source from the dropdown menu (once you create a marketing source, they will appear in the dropdown box for future selection).
Marketing Source.PNG

Adding Household Members

If there are other household members included in your quote, you can continue to add them by clicking the add button and filling in date of birth, gender, and contact information if it's different from the main contact.


Adding the Residence

In order to quote a home, you must have a residence address listed. Simply click “Add Residence”.


A panel will appear on the right for you to fill in information about the home.

  • Click “Use Mailing Address” to autofill the address.
  • Then click Autocomplete to have MVP prefill any known details of the home.

Note: The address is the only section required, everything else is optional.


Click the “Save Residence” button at the bottom of the section to save your changes before moving on.



Adding Vehicles

Use the “Add Vehicle” button to manually add in any vehicles listed on your quote. Again, a panel will appear on the right side where you can fill in information.

Note: Required information includes: the year, make, and model. Everything else is optional.


Pro tip: Use the “Discover Drivers” button above the mailing address to see if MVP can find any vehicles linked to this address.



Remember to click the “Save Lead” button in the upper-right corner of the page to save all of your changes when you’re done. 


Important Information

When trying to decide what information should be added to MVP, there are four things to keep in mind. 

  1. Does this information affect underwriting? If so, it will affect the algorithm. 
  2. Does this affect your ability to follow up with this household? The more ways you have to contact a Lead the better! 
  3. Does this affect your ability to represent your quote(s) correctly? The Quote Comparison is a great way to close your sales faster, but you want to be sure to have accurate quote information shown. See Quote Comparison to learn more. 
  4. Current carrier information. As often as you can obtain this information (we understand it's not always possible to obtain) you'll want to include this. One, it helps to compare on the quote comparison but two, it also helps rank the household.
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