Adding In An Auto Quote

Adding in an Auto Quote


You can check out the video here.


  1. Start an Auto Quote

  • From your list of Leads or Prospects in the Agency MVP Sales Funnel, click the Details link on the far right to bring up the details page for that Lead/Prospect. Alternatively, you can use the search function in the top right corner to quickly find your Lead/Prospect and access their details.

Note: If you are adding a Lead and have finished completing the Household Member, Auto, and Home details, you can continue creating the quotes.

  • Scroll down to the Quotes section on the Details page
  • If the Auto tab is not highlighted, click it to bring up the Auto quote section
  • Click the Add+ button next to Competitor Quote


  1. Enter Current Carrier (Competitor Quote) Information

IMPORTANT: If there is no competitor quote info or you do not know the competitor quote information, select “Do Not Know” and continue to enter Your Quote information.


If a Current Carries exists:

  • Select the Current Carrier of the Prospect from the dropdown menu.
  • If the Current Carrier is not shown, click “Other” and type in the name of the carrier in the field provided.
  • Enter the Prospect’s current renewal date, policy term length, payment plan and premium information for their existing policy.
  • Enter the Prospect’s current coverages.
  • Enter the Prospect’s current Comprehensive, Collision, Towing and Rental Car coverages for each vehicle. TIP: Not every policy has the same coverage. Only fill in the coverages that apply to this specific policy.
  1. Enter Claim Information

IMPORTANT: Only add claims that affect underwriting. Do not add Towing, Glass or Fault Free claims.

  • Click the Add+ button in the Auto Claims section
  • Select the vehicle involved. If the vehicle is not listed, just pick one.
  • Enter the claimant and the claim date
  • Check At-Fault or Disputed
  • Click the Done button to save the Auto claim
  • Repeat the process for any additional Auto Claims

TIP: Agency MVP only uses the Claim Date although you must choose a claimant and a vehicle.


  1. Enter Your Quote Information

Your quote information needs to be entered into MVP manually.

  • Click the Add+ button next to Your Quote to enter your quote information
  • Select the Quote Carrier, Effective Date, Policy Term, and Draft Date
  • Enter the Payment Plan and Full Term Premium. If additional payment options are desired, click the Add+ button to create additional options.
  • Entered the Quoted coverages, each of the Individual Vehicle Coverages & Endorsements chosen.

TIP: Set your Default Quote Values to shorten your data entry time.


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