Copy to Clipboard from APEX

If you would like to transfer a quote from APEX to Agency MVP, you can use our Copy to Clipboard Chrome Extension(v1.5.4 now available)

Check out Copy to Clipboard - Chrome Extension to learn how to copy from MVP and paste into APEX.

To watch our video directions, see Copy to Clipboard from APEX Video

  1. Start by navigating to an account that you have quoted or sold a policy for. This should be anything from the “accounts” tab.

  2. Once viewing the account, navigate to either “Quoting” or “Policies” (based on the status of quoted vs sold)

  3. Select the desired quote/policy and click on the Quote Number / Policy Number link to open the details in the Policy Center.


  4. Once the quote/policy is open in Policy Center (this by default should open in another tab), navigate on the left-side menu to the “Quote” section (even for a sold policy)

  5. Once the quote page has loaded, click the MVP icon on your chrome toolbar to open the chrome extension, and then click the “Copy data” button. It may take a second or two to load.

  6. The extension will focus on parsing policy information from these pages, rather than generic contact info. This means the first few fields may still be blank, but you can scroll down within the extension window to find sections with Home Quote / Vehicle Quote / Vehicle information. The scroll bar may not appear by default - but it will appear if you focus your cursor into the window and scroll up/down with your mousewheel or trackpad.

    The extension should retrieve all of the following:
    1. Home Quotes - Policy Number, Effective Date, Premium, Fee, Mailing Address, and all Coverages/Deductibles for which there is a direct equivalent in MVP.
    2. Vehicle Quotes - Policy Number, Effective Date, Premium, Fee, all covered vehicles w/ Make/Model/Year/Coverages, and all Coverages for which there is a direct equivalent in MVP.

      *If you notice that any particular field does not appear to be copying, please do let us know at, and if possible provide a screenshot of the page you are trying to copy from. This will help us to continue to identify new fields or potentially changed mappings on pages to release new updates. However, the extension does not behave as all or nothing. Whichever fields it can copy/paste, it will attempt to do so.

  7. Finally, tab back over to the corresponding MVP detail page for this household. Make sure the appropriate quote tab is selected (eg click on the “Home” quotes tab if copying a home quote). Open up the extension and click “Paste data.”

  8. The system will attempt to match the copied quote data into the appropriate quote under “Your Quotes.”
    -For Home Quotes
    a. If you have only 1 Home Quote under “Your Quotes”, the system will automatically paste all copied data into that quote.
    b. If you have more than 1 Home Quote under “Your Quotes”, the system will attempt to match to the correct one using the Mailing Address copied from Farmers. The comparison will be performed as case-insensitive. If there are multiple quotes and no match can be found, no data will be pasted.
    c. If you do not have any quotes under “Your Quotes”, the extension will not be able to create one for you from scratch. Simply click “Add quote” to add a default quote, and then paste, and the data will be applied to the new quote automatically.

     -For Vehicle Quotes
     a. The system will automatically apply the copied data to the first auto quote under “Your  Quotes”
    b. If there are multiple vehicles covered by the quote, the system will first copy the raw vehicle data into your “Vehicles” section, and then try to match the copied coverages to the correct vehicle using a case-insensitive comparison of the Year/Make/Model copied from Farmers with the one in MVP (which should be updated when pasting).
    c. Note that if you have a different number of Vehicles in MVP than you have copied from Farmers, the extension will not be able to add new vehicles for you. Simply click “add vehicle” and immediately save the blank vehicle, such that the number of vehicles listed in the MVP vehicles section matches the number copied from Farmers. Then when you paste, all of the vehicles from Farmers should be automatically matched into MVP.
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