March Updates

- Account owner can Mass Re-Assign Households. Learn More

- Earthquake deductible added to Home Quotes

- Added Custom Filter: Date of Birth & Zipcode. Learn More Screen_Shot_2022-03-30_at_10.20.23_AM.png

-Home Default Quote Values have dollar & percent value options

- If a staff member account is deactivated and they were selected as the "Reply To" for Workflow emails, the "Reply To" email will automatically change to the Agency Owner.

- Ability to select a custom time range for Geo & Marketing ReportsScreen_Shot_2022-03-30_at_10.22.44_AM.png

- Phone numbers on call view pages and details page are clickable for easier click to call capabilities. Learn More

- Ability to change the default Call Status as well as the Next Action. Learn More

- Set the same "Reply To" email for all email actions within an individual workflow

- Updated Header: View the number of households on each call view page when you hover over Leads, Prospects, and Customers. Learn MoreScreen_Shot_2022-03-30_at_9.14.14_AM.png


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