October Updates

Texting Updates: 3k free + overages
- In our October newsletter, we announced that we will be invoicing for text overages. You may send up to 3,000 text messages per month for free, included with your MVP subscription. For any messages over 3,000, you will be invoiced at $0.012 per message.
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Business Information Updates: EIN, etc
- In order to remain compliant with the FCC, all Agency MVP customers who send text messages via the platform are required to have the following information on file with us:

EIN (Government Tax ID)
Legal Business Name
Business Type (ex. LLC, Sole proprietor, etc.)
Website URL (can be your Facebook business page, Carrier Website, etc)
Business Address
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Archive Chats Feature
- If you have unwanted message threads in your Messages section, you are able to archive those chats.
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Opt-Out Footer in Emails
- Option to add opt-out footer in Workflow Emails
Home X-Date Workflow
- New Home X-Date Workflow Template allows you to keep up with households that were not interested at the time you quoted them.
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