Quote Comparison 

The Quote Comparison is a tool built into MVP that makes sending your quote(s) easier for you and the consumer! 

  • Once you have finished entering all of your quote information, you can text or email your quote. 
    • Although we call this the Quote Comparison, you do not have to compare your quote to their current carrier to use this. You can send just your quote if you do not know any of their current carrier information. 
  • It is recommended that you send your quote while you are on the phone. 
    • “Hi [name]! I have your quote finished and there are a few things I’d like to show you. Should I text or email your quote to you?”
  • You can track when the quote comparison was initially sent, and each time the household clicks on the link you sent them from the following locations: 
    • The history tab on the details page of the household. 
    • The call view page the household lives on in the Quote Comparison column. 
    • The Quote Activity section of the Dashboard, under the Quote Sent/Viewed columns.
  • Every time you save changes to the Details page of the household, the Quote Comparison will automatically update and does not need to be resent to the household you are working with. 
  1. Access the Quote Comparison
  • From the Details page for your Prospect, click the Quote Comparison button in the navigation bar or you can access this on the Call View Page by clicking the arrow to the left of a household’s name. 
  1. Edit Your Outgoing Quote Message
  • The message area at the top of the Quote Comparison is customizable. You can use the default message that appears, change the default message, or you can edit this message for each individual household.This message will appear in your text or email when you send the Quote Comparison.To customize your message:
    • Click the Edit Message button
    • Update the message as needed
    • Click the Save Message button

      Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 10.22.03 AM.png
  1. Text or Email the Quote
  • You can text or email the quote to any household member. Remember in order to text, you must have a cell phone number and the SMS Consent box checked. 
    • At the bottom of the Quote Comparison screen, click the dropdown menu and select the intended recipient of your quote.
    • Click the green Send Text or Send Email button to send your quote.
    • The Copy to Clipboard option will copy the Quote Comparison URL. This is only recommended to be used if you are sending this via social media. 


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