January Updates

Call Activity Report
- Take a look at our newest report on the Home page! Here you can view your staff's call activity for any custom time range.
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Filter by State
- If you are an agent that has office's in multiple states, this is for you! You can now use our Custom Filter by State on your call view pages, including your API Leads call view page!
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Customizable Quote Comparison Email
- In addition to being able to customize the message at the top of your Quote Comparison, you can now also customize the message at the bottom.
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Workflow Assignment History
- When a workflow gets assigned, removed, halted, or resumed, you can see when these actions occurred in the history tab for that group.
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Email Unsubscribe Options/Reporting
- If a household unsubscribes from your emails sent via Agency MVP (from Workflows or Quote Comparison), you can choose to be notified. You also have the option to view all of these households on our new Email Unsubscribe Report.
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Bulk Pipelining
- If you are wanting to pipeline households in bulk, you can do so from either the call view page, or upon importing a list of leads.
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Self Service Exports (agency owner only)
- Agents, you can now export a list of leads from MVP and import them into your dialer, AMS system, and more!
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