March Updates

Ring Central Integration
- If you are using RingCentral, MVP will be able to automatically log outgoing and incoming phone calls for households in your MVP account. 
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Org to Org Transfer
- This feature is intended to be used for a “master” agency using MVP who has a “sub-agency”, who also uses MVP, that are needing households (leads, prospects, or customers) transferred to them.
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Workflow Name added to Workflow History
- If you often assign multiple workflows to a household, you can now see which actions belonged to which workflow.
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Option to Continue Work Flow as Email Only on STOP Texts
- If a household responds "STOP" to a workflow text, this gives you the option to continue the workflow with your email/task actions.
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New Variable Fields -> Competitor and Monthly Premiums
- New text & email variable fields added for competitor and monthly premiums!

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