New Date Range Options for Reports
- Date ranges Year to Date and All Time are now available for the Geo Report and Marketing Report
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Ability to Delete Existing Policies
- If you imported a file into your customers with existing policies, you can now delete the imported policy (if they cancelled) from the Existing Policies tab
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Option to Request Lead Pause from MVP Leads Dashboard
- If you need to pause leads, you can use the Request Pause button on the dashboard. You can pause for up to 2 weeks at a time.
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Master Org Lead Distribution to Sub-Agencies by Number
- If you are a "Master Agency" distributing leads to your "Sub-Agencies", you have the added option to distribute leads based on how many you want each agency to receive.
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Auto Pipeline Households on X-Date Workflow
- If you would like your households automatically pipeline when they are placed on an X-Date Workflow, agency owners can choose to turn that option on in the Workflow Settings.
Note: Agencies who subscribed on or after April 15th have this feature automatically enabled.
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New Call View Filter: "My Free Game"
- If you want to see just your Free Game on your call view page (households assigned to YOU that are falling through the cracks) you can click the My Free Game filter.
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New Call View Filter: "No Contact Attempts"
- You can check the "No Call Attempts" box to view any households that have not had calls logged for them.
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