SMTP Test Button
- Once you've entered your SMTP information to ensure email deliverability, you can click the Test SMTP Settings button. You will either see a green pop up at the bottom right to confirm your settings were set up properly or a red notification pop up indicating it was not connected successfully. 
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Bulk Delete Option for All Users
- All users now have the option to mass delete households from their call view pages.
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Segment Count for Text Messages
- See the length of your text message before sending it by looking at the segment count. Remember, each segment counts as one text message. Agency owners can keep track of their text count on their Account Information page. 
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Unarchive ChatRooms on Inbound Messages
- If a new text message is received for a chatroom that has been archived, we will unarchive the chat and the chatroom will be back in your "active" chats. 

Stalled Quotes
- Stalled Quotes is an easy way for you to see all households that were quoted but have not been acted upon, which might require follow up (either because the policies were sold, but need to be marked in MVP as sold - or they need to be pipelined/workflowed/etc).
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Ability to unlink your organization from another organization
- If you wish to remove an agency you have previously added as a "sub-agency" you can do so under the Sub-Agencies section on your Account Information page.
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