AAA Integration

Reimbursement Information:
Be sure to speak with your EADS (EA Development Specialist) and submit a pre-approval request through Sproutloud prior to signing up for MVP.


Copy to Clipboard with GuideWire for AAA Agents
This integration is a one-way export from Agency MVP to AAA. It is currently set up to send over auto quotes only in the following states: Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee.

You will start your quotes in Agency MVP first, then by the click of a button, your data will transfer for that household member to begin your auto quote in GuideWire. This will decrease your quote time by an average of 3-5 minutes per quote!


Set Up

  • In your Agency MVP account, click your name at the top right.
  • Choose My Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Under AAA Settings, add your AAA account ID and click Set AAA Password to enter in your AAA log in password. Then, click update.

    *This will need to be done for each staff member that will use this integration.



Getting Started

  1. Fill in the address and household members' information, then create your lead.
  2. Add in any vehicles that you will be quoting.
  3. Under Quotes, click on Add Quote+, then Save Lead at the top right.
  4. You will now see the Send to AAA button in your Auto Quote. Click this button and it will now say Processing.



     5.  Click the AAA URL.

     6. Fill in required information & follow normal steps in AAA.


Expected Results

Agency MVP will send AAA the following information:

  • Producer/Agency info
  • Household Information: name, address, contact info, DOB, gender, marital status
  • Auto Quote Information: state, effective date, expiration date, other/prior policy info, payment options, etc
  • All driver and vehicle info
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