Copy to Clipboard to Guidewire

Copy to Clipboard with GuideWire for Farmers Agents
 You will start your quotes in Agency MVP first, then by the click of a button, your data will transfer for that household member to begin your quote in GuideWire. This will decrease your quote time by an average of 3-5 minutes per quote!


Set Up

  • The only requirement to use this feature is to login to your Farmers account on at least one Google Chrome tab or window. 

Getting Started

  1. Fill in the address and household members' information, then create your lead.
  2. Click Copy to Clipboard for the household member you wish to be the primary on your quote.
    NOTE: If your state is based off of credit, you will complete these steps for both household members. If your state is not based off of credit, you will only need to do this once.
  3. Open up a new tab and paste the link into the address bar, then press enter. 
  4. Before you do anything else, you MUST click on the date of birth first.
    IMPORTANT: If this step is skipped, your continue quote may not work.
  5. Select the marital status
  6. Choose your Lead Source
  7. Click continue quote & follow the regular steps to complete your quote.
  8. Manually transfer your quote back to MVP.
    NOTE: Don’t forget to look for any current carrier or claim information while in GuideWire and enter that data into MVP!


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