Texting Migration FAQ

Why can MVP no longer manage my texting for me?

The FCC has clarified that the burden of compliance is on the party sending the message, which is you, the agency owner. You are required to audit any lead providers you are using and make sure they are compliant with current laws and regulations. We are not compliance experts, and are not in a position to manage that for you anymore. If you have specific questions about the legal requirements, we advise you to reach out to any available resources within your company or to a TCPA-specialized lawyer if necessary.


Can I still text through MVP?

Yes! You will still be able to text through MVP once you get a texting number with one of the providers we integrate with. At this time, we have an integration with RingCentral and Twilio.


Can I keep my MVP texting number (port my number)?

Yes! We can port over your texting number. You should however finish getting signed up with RingCentral or Twilio and get a texting campaign approved first. Then, once the number is ported you can add it to that campaign. If you wait to port first and only then start setting up your RingCentral or Twilio account, then there will be a week or two where the number can't be used in either Twilio or RingCentral. To begin the process of porting your number, please email support@agencymvp.com.


What happens if someone responds back to my MVP texting number?

You will continue to receive any inbound texts to your current MVP texting number until December 31, 2024. Any text responses you send will use your new texting number that you are now managing and have integrated with MVP. 


If someone calls my texting number, will the call still be forwarded to my office line?

If you are using RingCentral, it will ring however it would normally ring for you in RingCentral. We cannot intercept and change the call controls. To set up call forwarding rules for each user/extension you can read this article

If you set up your own Twilio account, we forward the number to the office line listed in your Organization Settings. 


Will I still receive an email when I receive an inbound text in MVP?


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