MVP Exclusive Leads FAQs


You can access your MVP Leads Dashboard by clicking your name at the top right in MVP and choosing MVP Leads Dashboard. Here you will find important information regarding your MVP Exclusive Leads. 

Finding Your Leads
At the top left of you dashboard, you will see the option to choose Auto or Home. If you are buying auto leads, then they can be found on the Auto tab. If you are buying home leads, then they can be found on the Home tab.
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*No matter what sales stage (Lead, Prospect, or Customer) your household is in, you can ALWAYS find them as a purchased lead on your Leads Dashboard.

Account Balance
You can find your current account balance on the left hand side of your Dashboard. To the right hand side, you can see if you have automatic re-charge enabled. If enabled, we will automatically re-charge your account $500 once your balance falls below $50. Note, you will receive an email notification once your balance falls below the $100. If you do not wish for us to automatically re-charged your account, simply uncheck the Enable Automatic Account Re-Charge box.
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How do I return a lead?

- You can return up to 10% if bad phone or already with your carrier

    • To return a lead, go to your MVP Leads Dashboard, click the three dots all the way to the right of the lead you are wanting to return, then click Request Refund.Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 1.38.59 PM.png
    • Select your reason for return and a short comment with the return details.
      • Acceptable reasons for returns include: bad phone numbers, currently with your carrier, fake informationScreen Shot 2023-10-03 at 11.03.46 AM.png
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